I feel so very fortunate. Photographing beauty and boudoir is what I live for. For me a day off is something I have to do to avoid getting exhausted, but the whole day I'm just thinking about the next time I get to hold a camera in my hands. You could say I'm obsessed, and you'd be right. I'll own it.

I just love photographing women. I love showing them this secret siren hidden under the surface, because we all have one. I think women are so beautiful and I love being one! I love our curves and I find it so fascinating how these tiny little changes in our posture or position, or a tiny tilt of the camera, or a certain lens can accentuate those curves. I've spent countless hours studying posing and learning how to create beautiful and intriguing shapes and how to draw out an expression that says everything you want it to say without ever being overtly sexual or vulgar.

Boudoir is a fine line that I love dancing over.

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